The ETOE theme bikes are hand-painted masterpieces. The appearance of the frames is enhanced by designer Martin Jahnecke who dedicates up to 200 hours of craftsmanship for one frame set. All design elements are painted by hand directly on the frame. Precision, care, patience and time are essential.

Before we can work on the frame, the design will be created and matched to the frame geometry. After two or three days of preparation the frame will be transformed into a true masterpiece through one to three weeks of craftsmanship. Each bike is one of a kind.

RAPTOR SPACE Theme paintwork of an AX-Lightness VIAL prototype in space effect

RIDE TO WIN Theme paintwork of Patrick Quellmalz' Giant Trinity | matt finish 

Moneyjack  smoothed aluminium customized frame | Flip-Flop effect lacquer green/blue | Las Vegas Style | hand-painted Lapdancer | Dollar notes | sold

SIDEWALK KILLER Dyno Customframe | GFK-Killer saddle | Killer spikes | 5-layer glaze varnish | for sale!

AX-FLASHBACK custommade Carbonframe | light paintwork | AX components overall weight complete bike 4.7Kg

TATTOOBIKES custommade | hand-painted tattoo elements | matt finish

STALLION TROOPER custommade Cannondale | hand-painted wooden look | high-luster finish

HENDRIX Band of Gipsy | photo-realistic Hendrix portraits | glaze finish

Gollum LOR Theme paintwork of a carbon frame