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Does ETOE remove the paint from the frame? Yes, the frame will be stripped off the paint.

How long does it take to remove the paint? It takes approx. 20 hours (2 days) for the paint to be completely removed.

How long does it take to paint a bicycle? A paint job takes between 50 and 100 hours (10 days).

Do we use decals or stickers? No, we paint all the logos with brushes and color directly on the frame.

What is the weight of an ETOE paintjob? Approx. 10-35g as a superlight paintjob and 35-75g as a design paintjob.

Does ETOE provide design drafts free of charge? Design drafts and data creations cannot be provided free of charge as ETOE employs qualified designers.

How much does shipping cost? Please see the shipping site here for more information about shipping bikes to ETOE.

Can I prepare the frame by myself? Yes, the frame can be prepared by the customer but needs to be delivered in factory state (RTP) to ETOE.

Do I have to dismantle the bicycle? Yes, please send only the frame, fork and bicycle parts that need to be painted. If you cannot disassemble the bearings, please leave them in the frame.

Does ETOE offer original paintjobs? Yes, we produce original finishes. As the data creation of the original design as well as the digital frame measuring are complex, a payment of 1000 Euro will be charged. Alternatively, we offer paintjobs / designs by ETOE.

Does ETOE paint seperate frame parts? No, we only offer entire designs.

Does ETOE repair damaged paintjobs? Yes, but each case must be checked individualy. This service cannot be booked online. The frame must be examined in the paintshop.

How durable is the paint? The paint is very long-lasting. You could smash a wooden stick on the frame and the coating will not be damaged. However, if the material of the frame is damaged or broken, the coating will also be damaged or broken.

Which colors can be chosen? We offer a color range of 250.000 colors.

Can I see the colors online? Unfortunately not, as color effects like metallic, pearl, xirallic, candy etc. cannot be seen on monitors. The colors can be viewed in our paintshop.

How do I specify the desired color? You can send a color code of a car, which you can obtain with a dealer. Pantone shades are not possible. Alternatively, you may chose a color in our paintshop.

When do I have to pay? You pay 30 per cent of the total amount as order confirmation when booking the appointment. The balance will be paid prior to the delivery of the frame.

Do I have to book an appointment? We strongly recommend booking an appointment as we are often fully booked. Orders without appointments entail longer delivery periods.